Those blue pills

19 Jun 2017 by Nev Haynes

Those blue pills

Manhattan (1979), is one of my favorite movies. Woody Allen portrays brilliantly in the first minutes of the film that complex city that is New York, with its lights and shadows, not only for the scenes that pick up the awakening and the bustle of the Big Apple, but also for the cynical irony with which he describes the concerns of its inhabitants. There is a particular scene in which Woody Allen personifies a victim who goes limp, while playing at night under the sheets with a young Mariel Hemingway. The distraction of an ambulance that passes at full speed with its siren to the max, the noise of the hammering on a wall of a neighbor who hangs a picture … the fact is that so much distraction leaves our beloved protagonist without concentration, without inspiration and… without an erection.

The taboo subject par excellence

Matter about which nobody speaks in public, although they men suffer it and they women endure it. Like that distant exiled relative of whom no one wants to speak on special occasions, let´s not invoke him, and for thinking too much about him, he will knock on our door at the worst time for receiving last minute visits. Erectile dysfunction continues to hover threateningly over everyone’s heads and, even if the subject gets a smile out of you, it’s something not to be joked about.

The ancient peoples were already obsessed with their sexual performance. Words like power or endurance are synonymous with manliness and manhood, and the stigma and shame that impotence caused in men made many cultures bother to fight the dreaded last-minute malfunction with foods and concoctions that were quoted very expensive in some cases. Traditional Chinese medicine has endeavored to employ potions and elaborate complex and twisted recipes that include exotic, absurd and in many cases illegal ingredients, including tiger genitals or rhinoceros horn. The famous Venetian adventurer Casanova ate dozens of oysters for breakfast, thus ensuring the enjoyment of the most pyrotechnic nights that no one could remember. Phallic-shaped luck amulets have been common to many seemingly unconnected civilizations. What a coincidence!

The causes that generate erectile dysfunction are several, but they are very localized: smoking, drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol, cardiological problems, psychological and age, affect to a greater or lesser extent the sexual performance of men.

In Spain, there are 2 million people who suffer from it, one in four men under 40 and one in three over 60. Of all these, only 10 to 15% go to a specialist to treat the problem, for obvious reasons.

The known treatments are of the chemical, psychological or surgical type. It is true that much of the issue may be in a lack of self-esteem, concentration or too much stress, although in the most serious cases only by resorting to the insertion of mechanical prostheses can solve the problem. These can cause infections in the case of diabetic patients, who can only opt for the revascularization of the penis. Until recently, going through the operating room seemed the last choice. But this apocalyptic panorama changed in 1998.

If you have ever suffered or suffered the consequences of erectile dysfunction, you will also know that Pfizer was the pharmaceutical company that launched that year which is probably the equivalent of Coca-Cola in the pharmaceutical sector: sildenafil citrate, better known as VIAGRA. This compound was followed by other compounds such as tadalafil (marketed as CIALIS by LILLY) and vardenafil (Levitra by BAYER).

Like many imitations that turned up after the Coca-Cola, with the VIAGRA, CIALIS or LEVITRA could not be less. Many substitutes can be found on certain websites from countries in the near and far east, which may resemble the original product, but cannot guarantee the same results or minimize their adverse effects as the real McCoy, products that have passed all Health and legal tests.

Just take a look on the Internet to see how the commercial claim of such online stores highlights, first of all, the savings of buying these second brands compared to the original pills. If we add the guarantee of anonymity for the buyer, it increases the temptation to buy, which only have in common with the original its characteristic blue color.

Pfizer was the pharmaceutical company that launched that year which is probably the equivalent of Coca-Cola in the pharmaceutical sector. Many substitutes can be found, which only have in common with the original its characteristic blue color

In any case, if for the time being you have no need, we do not have to advance events. Make it as if you never read this article. Go home, watch a good movie, or enjoy a private dinner with your partner. And if by chance you feel like going to bed soon, pray that an ambulance will not rush by with the siren roaring, right at the most inopportune moment.

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